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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Kitty lol (=.=)''''

Special thanks to my friends i.e. Steve & Jason for giving me the belated birthday present after 3 months. Hehehe…I think this will be more appropriate to be my wedding present. Yeah, thanks again for recruiting one more kitty to my collections!

Saturday, September 19, 2009





It’s unbelievable!

Which dress shall I wear for that day?

Final Choice:
Thanks to my cousin from Singapore for the first one giving me the wedding present...

Big Ang Pau & some stickers...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 好朋友的生日

Today is yan yan’s birthday. She is the friend I knew since Form One. In my memory, I never has any ‘benchmark’ birthday celebration with her i.e. cutting cake or preparing any special surprise. She is such a considerable & powerful ‘little’ gal who can always generate positive power & cheer us up! Indirectly, she is influential & possesses good leadership though she is always seems to be considerate and ‘cincai’ minded when making decision. Such a lovely character she has and I believe this is the reason crafting her as a shining star in a group! Happy Birthday to you, my good friend!
(P/s: Thanks fen fen for suggesting this place)

The venue is at 75 Celcius Restaurant and Bar. If u were to ask me to write a detail review on this restaurant, Sorry, I couldn’t make it as I don’t FEEL to make so..hehe. Oh ya, the waiter here is weird, taking order without making a note, he is so confidence about his memory! Probably this is because their variety of foods is limited hence people tend to become careless. So u think he can remember all the appetizer, main course, snacks & drinks accurately? Sure the answer will be 聪明反被聪明误!He confused about the drinks we ordered. Anyway, it’s kind of him to give us a 5% discount on the bill as a complimentary for our birthday girl. Hope he will learn a lesson next time, JOT IT DOWN, don’t trust ur MEMORY!

Alright, just a quick glance on the food.

Appetiser - Mushroom Brushetta (all of us love this dishes very much, the sauce is superb)

The soup we ordered: Mushroom soup & Tomato Soup. The mushroom soup is tasty with chunky ingredients & the tomato soup is acceptable as well.

The dishes we ordered:-

Lamb Navarin – Shell pasta served with tender lamb Navarin (the lamb taste like 'bak chang')

Baked Cheesy Seafood – Shell pasta serve with tomato sauce and seafood (the cheese is rich)

Lemon Butter Fish - Served with french fries, mix lettuce & lemon cream sauce (the fish is small and the fries is not crunchy, the only lies in its the lettuce & sauce)

Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled Chicken serve with teriyaki sauce. (Average)
Well, I have read a post regarding this restaurant recently. The invited review emphasized that he/she cant find any restaurant which is so generous in their food serving. Yet, we have some contradictory opinion. For instance, you might think that RM10.90 for a fish & chip is reasonable in this area, while u can enjoy the sea breeze & the nice view at the same time munching the pieces of fish for SIX times. Hehe..So, if u think you prefer to pay RM15-RM20 to enjoy a plateful of fish & chips for filling the stomach in an air-conditional & comfortable room, this restaurant will be definitely not the place u are looking for.

Nevertheless, we do enjoy it overall since we went there in a gang and we can taste different dishes with affordable price. Wow, initially I don’t feel to talk much about this restaurant. But it appears like 75 Celsius has successfully unfastened my screw of mind to keep writing on them. Shxt! Take a move now.

Let’s go to Louis Café. This is really a generous one I can undertake based on our past experiences. Yeah, every time we will definitely come here for second round. The boss is really big-hearted, she borrowed her laptop to us so that we can have tele-conference with princess ayumi. Finally she unveiled to me that she is going back Penang during my wed. Though I was hardly believe it when she first told me, but I can feel my heart was indeed trembling & shaky at that time, maybe this is as what yan yan felt when she received our special surprise. Hehe! Thanks Ayumi, thanks to tell me this good news & sorry I am so calm like a wood when heard it coz it’s really unbelievable & surprise. Hope you also can understand that I really couldn’t express my touch feeling more than words! Hehe…It’s such a glad news to all of us and of course your family members too! Hope u can enjoy your days in Penang soon!

The big SURPRISE for the birthday girl:- The photo album recorded all of our past memories in past 15 months.....Hope the sweet memory will continue with no ends..

Well, I think I shall stop here. Thanks everyone drop by the page and read my lengthy post.

Thanks all of my friends who has been together with me no matter rain or shine, Aishiteru!