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Wednesday, August 31, 2011






Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Finally I got my new bag after few shop-pings...thanks thanks thanks~ guess which color i chose? I am not slave of branded products, hence choosing this mid range local brand. No doubt its design looks like some well known brands, however, this brand is a reliable and trusted one, and just suits me who appreciate originality and value~

Monday, August 22, 2011

junior account for bb herng

BB Herng turns 4th month old today . I Decided to open bank accounts for him. Here we go.

B/A one: Hong Leong Bank

  • High savings interest at 2.90% p.a. up to RM50,000

  • Interest calculated daily and credited monthly
  • Savings passbook provided to help your child keep track of their finances
  • Open an account now with RM 1

as compared to normal saving account:
Hong Leong Savings Account (wef 14/07/2010)
Balance RangeInterest Rates p.a.
Up to RM10,0000.10%
Up to RM50,0000.25%
Up to RM100,0000.50%
Above RM100,0001.00%

  • There are no welcome gift when you open the junior account in HL Bank. However, you will get these when you deposit minimum RM3k and tied up for 4 months during July to October.
B/A two: CIMB Bank

Children's & Teenage Savings
Rates (% p.a)
Up to RM1,000.990.60
Up to RM5,000.990.70
Up to RM25,000.990.80
Up to RM50,000.990.80
Up to RM100,000.990.95
Above RM100,000.991.45

Basic Savings Account
Rates (% p.a)
Up to RM1,000.991.15
Up to RM5,000.991.15
Up to RM25,000.991.20
Up to RM50,000.991.25
Up to RM100,000.991.30
Above RM100,000.991.80

One of the feature is Earn higher interest rates than a normal Savings Account. Anyway, if compared the two charts, I don't see that. Hmm...Conclusion is saving $$$ in HL is better idea...haha...

With an initial deposit of RM300, you will receive a limited edition coin bank and a specially designed CIMB Junior recognition card.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011