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Thursday, May 28, 2009


First coll left in year 2009. Her last day in UOB will be 1/6/09. i seldoms talk to her, mayb not more than 10 sentences in a year. She is a rich man wife and she is the fesyen queen. Everyday changing new cloths... wish her all the best in the future undertakings!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello Kitty

Bought from McDonald

Thanks G Lim for helping me to buy the GEMINI hello kitty stamp

Thanks Karen for bringing this for me from Japan

Tooth pick - Ee lim from Taiwan

From Celine during Christmas yr 2008

From myself, Bangkok


This is my most wanted anniversary gift! Thanks dear for the great surprise during our 3rd anniversary...

Gifts from sis




Sin chan - 知道这个是怎样来的吗?游戏机钓来的哦!厉害吧。还有一个蒙面超人,不过给了别人了。

Little booklet

Memorable Upper Six

Da Jie - Wei Wei

Er Jie- Mone Jie

San jie - Wen Wen

Si Jie- Mei Mei

xiao mei - ean ean

Hi all, remember all our stories? it begins from this flower during 509 year 2003..We got it from a event organised by panasonic which require the participant to play a stupid game...hehe...ultraman? superman o Xman? All of us cant get into final but we do enjoy that moments very much...first time joining the games in front of public ...our stories begin since then...

Remember we have the series of photo album? booklet? clothes with different colour? Though the 509 celebration was held for only 2 years, everytime when i look at the booklet n flowers, i felt like going back to that time...

Not everything will be forever but memory does...just let the memory stop by here forever...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got this cat from gift exchange session with chee san during christmas time. What i bought for him? sld be a angel if my memory ddin't fail i wish the angel can bring him luck in love.


Birthday gift during my 20th from a old fren..

Just now i received call from Karen and she told me that she got the scholarship. Hence she will resign soon and start packing to go to Osaka in June....what a great news...her dreams come true at last and finally after so much of effort...she deserves it!!!

Where is my dream? when u will start fighting for it? I believe if we really work hard and pray hard, we sure will get what we want one day! Gambateh... you are just lost but u r still alive...wei wei...never give up to pursue ur dreams...

Souvenirs from Jp

Fox cat from my cousin hui during his Jp trip in April
My mum bought this kuromi for me and ayumi during her visit to Japan in April 2008. I asked her to buy hello kitty but she said she just went in to a hello Kitty shop and saw this cute cat so she tot KUROMI is HELLO cute my mum...

The only souvenir i bought for myself during Japan trip in Dec2005. i bought it from a souvenir shop in Kamakura. From that time, i started become a fan of hello kitty. lol...+_+
After viewing my fren's (fen fen) blog, i felt so touch to read all her sweet memories in her secret blog thus i also cant wait to start mine. After home i took out all my souvenirs and gift and take picture for each indeed a great fun for me, who like to take pic and blogging...i am not copy cat, just wana learn from fen fen to keep track of all my memorable things.. One day if i become more n more absent minded, this will be my recalling source.

my memory

This is a surprising souvenir given by my friend i.e. Liang Hong from Bangkok during christmas 2006 or 2007. forgotten the year d...=)
Thanks ayumi for the lovely dog! i am from class 2007 +-+

Valentine Gift during year 2007.

Little turtle

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@cute little frog.
Everytime see this frog i will think about a sweet memory with my current bf. This happened almost few years ago. Still, it is really a very memorable 'present' as if not the cure little frog, mayb our relationship won't last until today*-*