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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Be Engaged DInNer + Karaok @19/11/09

Venue: Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant

TIme: 7pm - 11pm

Opening Speech by Area Manager, cute 'ho chiu'

The performer of the night@-

Our table - all ladies .. . Yeah Great experience for me n Mei Ying for going up to the stage for singing a song - 'sha gua jiu shi wo'... what a great breakthrough for Mei Ying as she is used to be shy behind...but after tonight, all of us are impressed with her powerful voice...:)

The Drink: Whyte & MAckay - Double Marriadge Blend

The Food:

the APPERTISER - this is my most long waited dishes & my main purpose to be here...wahaha.... LOBSTER!!!

The chef have earlier extracted the lobster meat , blended it with cheese & crab meat... Love the cheesy lobster very much, though cant really taste the freshness of it...


  1. ah wei, why eat so holiao 1?? manager treat 1? i never try this restaurant b4 ler. ok ma the price??


  2. sponsored by uob and some colls who have been rewarded in some campaigns..This is my second time here...the food here is average...price is high as compared with tambun or teluk kumbar..