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Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Recommendation: Krathong Thai Restaurant

The restaurant is located at Oriental Village, where the cable car entrance situated. The reason I highlightedKrathong Thai restaurant is not asking you to visit or patron this restaurant, but in the contrary i would like to recommend you to avoid to go in this restaurant even you are very hungry or even you are not choosy in food. hehe....

Please follow me if you want to know more reason why I said so.

First, we ordered Tom Yam Seafood (ala carte), Two pineapple fried rices, Fried squid & Dried chilli cashew nut chicken.

The portion for pineapple fried rice is big, but very oily.

The portion for Tom Yam is only adequate for half person, and it is tasteless without spice & sour taste.
Overall, the food's presentation is quite attractive. However, I will still prefer a delicious food rather than the decoration, as not worth for value.
The fried squid is only dishes we satisfied. It was crispy.

Krathong Thai Restaurant...
The rating gave by our Professional Food Tester aka 食神 was as below:-

Taste 4/10
Environment 6/10
Food presentation 6/10
Value for money 5/10
Cleanliness 7/10
Services 7/10

Overall 35/60
Pitiably mark : 3
Total 38/60
Rating : C+

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