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Monday, June 13, 2011

First outing with luluqia (pram)

Eh, why got a baby here???

Come, I take a pic with u....

I also want to take picture with this cute Bb!!!~ =P
Who snap my pics when i was sleeping???

Since nobody around, faster snap away this cute Bb home...yeah yeah...

Herng, do u believe this is how u come from if i showed u this when u r bigger? haha///

The only shop open at 9am...sigh...can't wait Papparich and subway which opens at 10am...They should open earlier to serve the niche market...


  1. so cute la ur entry..what a nice morning to have bb and hubby pei u for bfast.. where u got ur nice luluqia?


  2. yaya...i never imagine will bring him out so early also...tot after 3 mths just bring him out...but since got the pram then just bring him to somewhere nearby...=) i got the pram from my mum's friend.

  3. nice de..i tot u bought it~~ i like the style, can lay down somemore. it's near to ur place la. see ur bb's condition, if can adapat to outside's world, then sure it's fine to bring him out..but not to the crowded place la :)