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Thursday, October 6, 2011

War of mosquitoes vs herng

This is the first war of Herng in his life - fight against the abominable and disguisting mosquitoes... Let's pray together to help Herng to win the war..Please go away and surrender, mosquitoes!

Look at the right pic, there are some bites in his cute little round innocent face...

The weapon sponsored by Herng's dad:-

N0.1: Khind Brand Mosquito killer - finally found it in an electrical appliances shop inside Bukit Jambul Complex after LSS in batu maung, SEC in Prima Tanjung and Seng Heng.This is the last unit according to the shop owner. Able to save RM50 as compared with SEC, somemore SEC don't have ready stock, need to wait another 2 weeks.

No 2 Buds- Mozzie Clear Lotion - From peekaboo - work as insects repeller and also help in healing and soothing the existing bites.

No.3 - Shieldtox - the basic one which give the immediate effect after we spot the targets.

Hope the prevention is enough to protect my little Herng from all the bad insects...


  1. herng's eyes opened so tiok ceh kia de..pity him..
    i dono the peekaboo 1 can be used. is it ok? coz i scare when itchy bb will scratch then tereat ma?
    pity herng nia. sikui bang, go away la k..aduh..why suck little herng's blood @.@


  2. many mosquito bites..really kesian...sure he feels uncomfortable~~
    Gotta be more careful ya, since now is dengue season... i'll spray the mosquito repellent on GJ's clothes / shoes when we go out now....