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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

老屋之旅- 美食及生日篇

This is our main objective to be here, to celebrate the "18th birthday" of this sweet girl..Happy Birthday!

The loving family...                                                      The Early Birds...

              The Birthday card dedicated to the birthday girl..


                                                          Inner view...

The bouquet from her smart hubby...

Cute couple busy on drawing & camwhoring..

The Birthday gal in deep thoughts...What is her birthday wishes?

Some food's pictures -

Chicken Pie

Beef mini burger

Forgot the name..According to my friend, this is like a bunch of grasses and leaves putting on the top of a piece of bread..hehe..but it actually consists of some grilled chicken breast meat in the middle..

Compilation of FOOD's picture ( Hitomi vs Yan)
The person who is behind the camera can really make the food look so different...@.@

Obviously the picture below is more complete with all the desserts and cakes...Again, I want to express my  extraordinaty love towards the TIRAMISU here, I fall in love with it in the first taste...

The 'photo of the day'...wah, since when the couple become so ROMANTIC? All of us felt 'beh guan xi' but in the same time excited to their act! Once in the blue moon we can see this kind of scene in real life~ Anyway, congratulations to them, their big day is coming soon...Stay TUNE~

The great artworks presented by another table...I was really amazed with the young talents in town!


Last but not least, the group's photo...everyone showing the nice teeth and happy smile...(=.=)
Where is Baby Shermaine? She is sleeping soundly in her pram..cute gal~

Thanks all for viewing! Arigato Gozaimasu....Do share with me if you have any comments towards the post~ =)

Interested in this old house? Click China House Penang 唐人厝 for more pictures.


  1. hohoho..hitomi's style of blogging, full of creative ideas and surprises, i love it!

  2. Tqtq..i love this entries too..the pictures fully express the feeling..Thanks for the pics from u n boon too..

  3. I like this..simple style like ah fen eh blog :p mine is no idea eh xi, left captions and some improper words to express :) ah wei eh is great!!!! just an outings, full of photos, introduction of the place, you are our talented journalist!!!!
    and to yan & boon, talented photographer la wey!!!