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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Souvenirs from Jp

Fox cat from my cousin hui during his Jp trip in April
My mum bought this kuromi for me and ayumi during her visit to Japan in April 2008. I asked her to buy hello kitty but she said she just went in to a hello Kitty shop and saw this cute cat so she tot KUROMI is HELLO cute my mum...

The only souvenir i bought for myself during Japan trip in Dec2005. i bought it from a souvenir shop in Kamakura. From that time, i started become a fan of hello kitty. lol...+_+
After viewing my fren's (fen fen) blog, i felt so touch to read all her sweet memories in her secret blog thus i also cant wait to start mine. After home i took out all my souvenirs and gift and take picture for each indeed a great fun for me, who like to take pic and blogging...i am not copy cat, just wana learn from fen fen to keep track of all my memorable things.. One day if i become more n more absent minded, this will be my recalling source.

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