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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little booklet

Memorable Upper Six

Da Jie - Wei Wei

Er Jie- Mone Jie

San jie - Wen Wen

Si Jie- Mei Mei

xiao mei - ean ean

Hi all, remember all our stories? it begins from this flower during 509 year 2003..We got it from a event organised by panasonic which require the participant to play a stupid game...hehe...ultraman? superman o Xman? All of us cant get into final but we do enjoy that moments very much...first time joining the games in front of public ...our stories begin since then...

Remember we have the series of photo album? booklet? clothes with different colour? Though the 509 celebration was held for only 2 years, everytime when i look at the booklet n flowers, i felt like going back to that time...

Not everything will be forever but memory does...just let the memory stop by here forever...

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