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Monday, July 2, 2012

My first presentation - 3 idiots

Thanks to the training team, finally I have the opportunity to utilize my skills gained from the past training courses especially the skills on Microsoft power point. And also thanks to my little sis again, who brought me a great idea and topic to present during the coffee talk show time (kind of co-curricular activity inmy workplace). This is my first group presentation in this new company after 9 months I joined. Although I didn’t receive much feedbacks from that, I believe it was the good try, great challenges and also the wonderful experience for myself and perhaps my teammates too~

The two intoduction slides designed by me. First slide was initiated by a teammate who suggested to modify the original picture as there will be 6 presenters instead of 3 'idiots'. It really look very IDIOT huh~

The characters chart:-

Below is my presentation slides and “speeches”.

I will share with you the destiny of another student who didn’t blindly follow the education system. As a student in top university, they have many quizzes, tests, assignments and examinations to complete in certain deadlines. However, this guy, Joy Lobo who is so passionate in engineering, in his final year, he focus his time more in inventing the wireless camera helicopter, which can be used for traffic updates, and security usages. He is so close to complete the project but due to his dad’s health condition, stroke, he cannot focus on his works for two months. So he asked for the extension from the professor, Virus. However, according to the professor: -Lobo violated all deadlines, focus on an unrealistic project, making some nonsense helicopter, no need to come for convocation.

After Rancho successfully modified the helicopter, everyone is exciting and they are ready to show it to Joy Lobo, They flied the helicopter to his windows and sadly they found out this scene. (I presented this scene by showing the trimmed video.)

Now, let us discuss why this could happen. Is this a suicide? Or as what Rancho claimed, Engineer are a clever bunch, they haven’t made a machine to measure mental pressure, if they had, all would know, this isn’t suicide, it’s murder .  India ranks No.1 in suicides, Every 90 minutes, a student attempts suicide, suicide is a bigger killer than disease. Here they don’t discuss about new ideas or inventions, they discuss grades, jobs, settling in USA, they teach how to get good scores, they don’t teach engineering.

                                                                                                                                   From the movie, we have clearer picture on the education system in India. This indeed gives a great impact to us. The education system emphasizes on marks and scores rather than practical, it can somehow kill the creativity of a genius.  As a mature adult like every one of you, we know what is the root cause of the suicide. And do you find any similarity between what happen in our society, our country with them?

We shall really look into the issue on how to educate and mold our next generation. Who you want them to be? To be Rancho, Chatur, Farrhan, or Lobo?

The message from my overall presentation:  Don’t be controlled by the system, the system is dead but we are alive!

Definitely the presentation is not perfect, many area to improve, but I consider it a very great reminder for myself on how to educate my son in future. =)


  1. I love the introduction slide! i would say it is creative as long it is sth never come into my mind b4..haha..good try, wei wei! develop herng to b the same or even greater than his mum..

  2. hahaha, this yan yan "kek" ah wei. this is really a good sharing~~ Ah wei, your presentation is reali good. I like this movie very much!!! you'll be a great mom de... I believe in you!!!