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Monday, January 14, 2013

Panasonic TZ30


Bought a new camera for myself this year due to my old compact camera which had accompanied me for four years+ was “passed away” few months ago. Felt very heartache as ‘he’ is such a great company and served me pretty well along my exquisite journey from a naïve girl to a naïve mummy. (Yes, I am still naïve and no other word can be replaced it after all.) Thanks for his contribution as he gave in all his life just to let me capture every single events of my happy moments. Perhaps I can build a majestic graveyard for him to stay there forever but I guess this is not making any sense (grinch). Indeed, it’s time for you to have your own freedom and I shall let you go~

And here welcome my new and hot buddy – Panasonic TZ30..

How is the performance for Panasonic TZ30?? Well, stay tune with me and you will know it very soon perhaps.

Well, just a small reminder for those who are interested to buy this camera, please take in consideration of the cost of the accessories such as photographic filter and screen protector  as well when you bargain the price with the vendor. It took me about additional RM100 for both items.(T.T)


  1. woh, look forward to ur 搞作 again! ur sense of humour is not restricted by any language, great work!kekeke..

  2. yeah, we shouldn't limit ourselves with anything, especially creativity~ there is no boundaries! Using english will be more convenient in typing speed..hehe...but i still love mandarin no matter how!