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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thaipusam in Penang

This is my first time walking down the road along the waterfall in Thaipusam. Due to my strategic location, I manage to avoid the bumper to bumper situation and only use 10 minutes to walk there. My intention to go there is to take some pictures during this lively & huge event of Penang and perhaps I can send my pictures to 'Visit Penang' website for promoting Penang. =) However, I can't find any picture I took which can attract tourists. So i have to admit I am still very 'green' in photography and there is still a big room for kindergarden graduation..hehe..

Well, would like to share some pictures which i consider reflecting the scene for those who never been there here for remembrance of my first time seeing this event though i have missed the gist of it i.e. parade & coconut throwing session..






RELA- 一个马来西亚One Malaysia



1 comment:

  1. girl, u r so lucky to avoid jam! nice sharing on those photos as i didn't go out on thaipusam day =.=