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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taiwan Kochabi...

It has been quite a long time never step into this shop... and it's also been long time I didn't blog in English...wondering where all my vocabs hiding now.

Well, our initial plan was to try the Hainanese Delights in 1926 Heritage Hotels and Simone suggested to meet at 19.26 to coincide with the place's name. I suggested this place after reading CK.Lam's review ( on this Hainanese specialties which is rare in town. As we didn't reserve earlier, they arranged us to sit at the partition outside. Between the restaurant and the partition room, there is a corridor which they also put some dining tables there. Yup, this corridor is the key reason we cancelled our orders. If we saw the cute little mice hovering around the food stalls at the roadside, we will probably just forgive and forget. But if we saw 3 of them playing hide and seek through the corridor, we can't just sitting there and hypnotize each other, right? Sayonara and we moved on to the next door...


  1. i love this place much after a few tryings! wei wei, jiayou to blog out in english. you can write so well in both chinese n english. peifu neh~~


  2. hehe...thanks fen fen...still need to learn from you..i think my vocab is limited & the sentence structure also not much variety... gambate!