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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wedding Invitation 2010

First of my friend in year 2010 aka Woo Hoo Tiger Year going to enter the marriage life....

Yeah, grab the precious opportunity to volunteer to become her private photographer during the morning ceremony, and TODAY, confirmed by her that I will be appointed as her official photographer team with another 2 gals...

Nowadays photographer no longer male profession, more n more gals are interested into it & I believe girls' power couldn't be ignore anymore...

Hence, what I need to do now is practicing & sharpening my skills as much as I can, in order to capture the sweetiest moments of the prettiest bride & handsome Bridegroom on the day...


  1. ah wei, I really speechless when view this nice page - dedicated to me!! you really cheer me up as i know you support me always~~~
    thanks much, girl!! yea yea, you and the other jimui photographers will snap the wonderful moments of me n fred >.<

    big hugsss for u, wei wei~~

  2. wah! look forward to the photo snapped by u oh...our top photographer wei wei..kakakka

  3. manager yan, don't pressure me oh...
    hopefully won't let u guys disappointed!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wei wei, ganbatte! don`t sia suei us =P

  6. ayumi, seems like u r not confidence towards me... sob sob...