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Monday, December 6, 2010

O Lu Lu Cake

I put very high hope on it after i put it in the oven.

COntinue to play around with my camera .. After 15 minutes my

little sis went to kitchen and checked and shouted:" The cake was burnt!"

Woo Woo Woo Woo... T.T

Too bad too bad to bad!

My Orange poppy seed cake become 'O Lu Lu Cake'!!!

Thought have learned a lesson from last experience, however this time i have repeated the same silly mistake again i.e. to set the lower fire only when bake... Before the cake went in the oven, everything is so smooth and great and the batter just seem

s being equally mixed and surrounded with orange + butter aroma...

The outcome? too shame to share...=P ANyway, luckily inside was just fine, didn't burn, and it taste really delicious, i like this type of utterly moist and slightly crunchy butter cake, don't have much burden after put it into stomach.. Should make it in cup cakes type next time..

SPecial thanks to my little helper i.e. Xuan and my cousin & brother-in-law for their encouragements...


  1. didn't noe tt u've made so many cakes so far..haha..good try and keep it up! perhaps u shd do one for our steamboat on 25th :p looking forward to eat the cake made by Hitomi~

  2. hehe... this is the 4th cake i made since i rest at home.. i m thinking to make one cake for 25th..any cake u guys want to eat? Let me know la..

  3. kakaa, ah wei, do the one u d na2 shou3...
    dun wan to challenge u :p