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Monday, April 16, 2012

CMR at D'piazza @ April 11’2012

Anyone know why April 11’2012 was declared by national public holiday of Malaysia? Yes, this is due to the installation of The Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. I did not aware of it since I need to work as usual on that day until one week ago, I received a special invitation from Cutie.

Dear all,

Reservation done under Ms. Loh @ 11/4 (Wed) 12.00pm
Venue: CMR Restaurant
70-01-12A D’piazz Mall
Jalan Mahsuri 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang


I have seen this restaurant several times before but don’t know why I never think of stepping in. Anyway, the invitation provokes my vigorous curiosity towards the Chinese Islamic cuisine, hence I accepted the invitation immediately. =)

Well, for those who are 'katak di bawah tempurung' just like me, I have did some research about the Chinese Islamic Cuisine. According to wikipedia, Chinese Islamic cuisine (清真菜;回族菜) is the cuisine of the 'Hui' (ethnic Chinese Muslims) and other Muslims living in China. Chinese Islamic restaurant can be similar to a Mandarin restaurant with the exception that there is no pork on the menu and is primarily noodle/soup based.




Let me share with you guys the dishes we ordered first. Oh ya need to correct my phrase, the dishes were actually pre-ordered by our organizer and the mission of the rest of us was just ‘EAT’ and ‘COMMENT’. =)

The appertizer – deep fried crispy calamari
I assume they have adapted to the local preference as this is a very common dishes which can easily available in every restaurant either Western or Asian food.

The signature dishes


Special Deep Fried Mutton Chop
I think this can consider something extraordinary to me as they applied the ‘spices’ instead of sauce to strengthen up its taste. Thumbs up!

Chinese Napa in Hot Oil, Garlic & Chili
It consists of pickled Chinese cabbage. Don’t it look like Chinese Muslim version of Kimchi? It seems simple but delicious~

Delicious Jumbo Eggplant
The outlook is attractive and creative. It seems like a big squid at the first glance, but it was indeed a healthy aubergine dish.

Quick boiled fish with special sauce
Not sure the fish name, but I think this is another highly recommended dishes of CMR.

Both of them taste similar, I love the way they prepare the sweet potato. The taste is slightly similar with the orange colour potato snacks which I bought from pasar malam every Tuesday.

Stir fired prawn with sweet potato

Stir fried beef with sweet Potato

Fried Spring Bean with Chicken Minced
Oh, I just realized that this fried spring bean consisted of chicken minced when I wrote this post. It seems like my food review is not convincing at all as my tongue is not sensitive enough. =.= anyway, to me this is another common one. =)

I wish to have wide angled camera so that I can capture all the dishes in one picture...

Last but not least, the dessert - sago lemon

饱食了昂贵的一餐过后,又免费帮人在这里做宣传~ =P


~ 谢谢一直以来没放弃约会我的人,虽然你们知道我可能不能出席,或答应过后会临时放飞机,但你们还是把我记住了。还有感谢一直以来会打电话给我,sms给我,和我MSN聊天分享生活点滴,又或者是透过别人关心我的朋友。=P 我知道现在的我对于朋友这个角色扮演得没以往的投入,但我的内心其实还是一个很重视友谊的人,关心着每一个朋友的近况,所以我想在这里感激没把我这个傻瓜在脑里删除掉的每一个人~


  1. ur entry is alwys so informative n i hv learnt a lot from u..i shd thank u for sharing each great moment of ur life is reli a good place to keep us stayg close v each other's life despite the busy life..

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  3. weiwei, what a nice food sharing :D I find it special too chinese muslim cuisine. the business run by a chinese muslim? how u feel towards food tasting? it's smt fun beside enjoying yummy food right?
    hugs~~ wei wei, I appreciate u as my dear friend too.


  4. fen, if the food tasting session is free one, i will be more enjoyable..wahaha...anyway, glad to have this opportunity to try the chinese muslim cuisine once in a blue moon~

    I found that usually I eat for the sake of EAT or filling up my stomach, food tasting is actually sth out of my scope, as it needs various knowledge towards cooking. Maybe this is something i shall learn about it more~

  5. nvm, this is a good experience. I wish to join them for food tasting but now really no time to cope with it :D


  6. Hey, go claim back your money from sexy, someone is paying the bill


  7. haha...really? @.@ who? I will only claim back if 'someone' is not the attendees of that day~