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Monday, April 2, 2012

《12年金马伦之小亨第一次旅行及陈家三代同堂行》- 河边忠记饭店


撇开小时候和爸爸妈妈姐姐去的那次不谈,长大后的每一次金马仑旅游,都让我留下了难忘的回忆。有03年惊险丰富又独家道地的二人行,08年热闹开心及疯狂的BD team building五人行, 这次呢是陪爱吃士多啤梨的小亨第一次出远门而计划的旅行,所以是托了他的福,我才有机会踏出槟城。要踏出马来西亚,应该还要等很久吧~ 不过,可想而知这次的金马伦之旅算是很珍贵的了。我把它命名为《12年金马伦之小亨第一次旅行及陈家三代同堂行》~


It was a beautiful cloudy Saturday.

We departed on 10.30am. Supposing it takes about 3 hours to reach the destination according to the GPS, but the traffic was damn jam when we exit the Simpang Pulai Toll. Therefore, we only managed to reach Brinchang at around 2.30pm. It took us 4 hours at last.

When we reached, the lunch time is almost over and I didn’t make any survey on where to lunch in Cameron as initially I suggested to stop by Ipoh for lunch. Anyway, we still managed to find this restaurant which was still opening for business. This is my first time be the Cameron trip planner although I have been here for several times, I was so worried that the first meal here will spoil the mood of my family members. Luckily they are satisfied with the dishes here. SWEAT~ Not easy to be the ORGANISER huh!

Sweet & Sour Pork(甜酸炸猪肉)
这个好吃。脆脆炸猪肉加上新鲜的番茄,红椒,黄梨,葱~ 比起槟城的,我喜欢这里的,配料够多又新鲜。

Fried Mix Vegetables (清炒什菜)

Steam egg

Steam Sarawak Fish


Herng's snacks - Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snacks

Total bills for food and drinks – RM67
Per person – RM16.75 (I think the price is quite reasonable as the portion is adequate for five persons, we even added 3 bowls of white rice)

--> 金马仑河边忠记饭店

Restoran Tepi Sungai Chong Kee
Taman Tringkap (Cameron Highland), Brinchang, Pahang


  1. wonderful trip ler. I enjoy reading the way you shared this post!!! No matter where we go, as long as can be with our beloved ones, that is satisfy dy~~ the organic snack, i saw my coll bought for her girl :D next time i can let my girl to try lor~~

  2.'s reli a precious journey for u,wouldn't get to step out from penang if nt coz of herng herng!u gt to teach herng herng to beg his dad for bring'g ur whole family to oversea..kekke

  3. haha, coz herng is victor super precious :D


  4. thank you for you comment. may visit my blog too :)) this restaurant is belong with my father. thank you:))

  5. Thanks for your visit and comments. =) Your dad have a nice restaurant located at very strategic location. =)

  6. 好吃。价钱公道。一定要叫青龙菜。