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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Presents for Bb Herng

While waiting for the photos from the ‘cutiest photographer’, I will share on the gifts and presents received during Herng’s 1st birthday since this is also something notable and remarkable for him~

The clothes from grandpa & grandma..

The shoes from aunt

Romper from me..Initially I bought this as his costume to wear during his birthday party, but his dad & grandmum commented that the colour is dark, not suitable for the occassion.

The Angry Bird pyjamas from me, suppose to wear on that night also but again, his dad said this is too hot for him~ hehe...

The activity table, card & the playskool’s toys are from my friends i.e. Venice, Isaac (Oscar’s Best Actor) & Simone (Oscar’s Best actress). They are unable to attend the birthday party due to they already bought the concert ticket which held on the same date. (=.=) Isaac is the one who urged me to organize the birthday party for Herng but finally turned me down. =( Anyway, they sent the ‘representatives’ to us 2 days before the party to show their sincerity. Big thanks to three of them!

***Special thanks to Venice for the great effort on wrapping up the presents and decorating the card, she is always full of creative ideas~

It just looks funny and fascinating; manage to capture Herng’s attention very well. I kept recalled who is the person who bought this, until one scene suddenly appeared in my mind..I know the answer at last, it shouldn’t be hard to guess..hehe…thanks!

The angry bird bag from grandpa to put the Ang Paus..We left it in car and forgot to bring down that day~

This special and meaningful present which known as Gigo Junior Engineer Magic Gears are from beloved Yan Yan, Fen & Fred, Wen & Eow Hui.

Yan bought it three weeks ago before Herng’s birthday at Popular, I get to know it from her blog!. =) After reading the blog, I can’t wait to explore it as it seems like a very challenging time consuming task to train Herng to become a junior engineer. I wish I was RANCHO!!! =.= Nvm, Aal Izz WELL~

***Special thanks to Yan for designing the card. It is so nice and impressive. Great job!

                                                                                                                                                             The DVD is from Su Teng, Cai, Sue Yin & Kam. This is recommended by Kam’s sis as the DVD can teach the children the shapes & color in more interesting ways. So thoughtful~

Last, thanks everyone for the wonderful present and big 'ang paus'..You guys really know what my baby need the most~.Arigato Gozaimasu!


  1. Herng looks so cute carrying the angry bird bag.

  2. ah wei, what a great entry. I love presents thus I like this entry so much :p Herng will be well train by all these learning giftset :D all pressies are so meaningful :D I like the rompus though. continue to post entry on herng's BD ya ;p


  3. Love to read ur entry brings lots of fun to me in my plain life..tx wei wei...

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  5. hehe...fen, this entry is requested by u one..

    yan yan, happy to know that u lieke it~ Hope my blog can make the world sth different (though is very very small) to every reader of mine! =)