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Friday, October 11, 2013

Diary for 小小亨:28W


My weight: 60.5 kg
Bb's weight: 1.27kg

Oops...I have increased 3.5kg from last check up that is about 5 weeks ago...All is due to the newly open in house bread hsitory's fault! Great input with vary kind of bread & caked during the tea break..and also because too many wedding dinners and birthday celebration on Sep'13..what to do? Time to control my diet though I like fatty baby...hehe~

Saving baby's cord cells

Stemlife vs Cell Safe vs Cryocord?

Well, last pregnancy during year 2010-2011 my gynae advised me can skip this as cord cells is not being widely used and the successful cases is rare in the market. However, during my last visit, my doctor changed his opinion and asked me to consider it. The reason he gave is saving cord cells is like buying a house. The cost of extracting the cord cells will become more and more expensive in future and now is the best opportunity to extract the cord cell during the delivery time. Wow, i think not only ordinary person like you and me, high income group like doctor also being influenced by the recent inflation.

Anyway, I decided to explore about this this round so I can understand further and decide the best I can do for my baby before straightly say "No" to it.


Still currently what I can call him is 小小亨 or 小小猪..


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    小小亨 ~~我喜歡這個 ~~

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