Sunday, June 14, 2009


Cai cai, this is our 25th anniversary... Congrats! :)
此刻的心情仍然是高亢的。澎湃的感觉, 就让它发泄出来吧。。。

你的甜美, 孙燕子是没得比的!
“庄”家每次都是那么的配合,那么的设想周到,那么的善解人意,那么的贴心感性(难听叫爱哭, 哈哈!)。。。
虽然有一些小插曲,如 @ NO more photo please (Isaribi Tei)….EMERGENCY BREAK (happen while the three gals syok sendiri in the car)….small accident (god bless us! Fen’s car is ok) …Connetion problem (Thanks Chris from Louis Café for borrowing laptop)…

芬芬,很高兴你可以加入我们,大家都是以真心出来行走江湖,这种朋友才够意思。不需去在乎那些无畏的’joo siao lang’。。。朋友在一去就是要开心,不需遮掩,不需做作。别忘了佳佳的忘我精神,我们要忠于自我!哈哈哈阿哈。。。


一定會有以後 我拿鐵石心腸鎮守著爱情(友情)
留給妳一個回來的原因 當妳傷透心
給我一個以後 淋著時間的雨我寸步不離
妳是我留不住的生命裡 盡力強留住的唯一

那些動人的我不會說 已經決定的何必承諾



亲爱的,其实我也知道自己忽略了你,想起以前我在大学的那三年,我的周末都是和你在一起的。我可以体谅你的醋意,可能我把你当成最熟的人,所以就以为不需太照顾你的感受,很多东西都把朋友放在第一位,让你受委屈。。 有时候你也是需要人来哄的。我真的希望我们会幸福。大家互相学习,像芬和雯所说,每对情侣都有不同的烦恼,我们一定要共度荆棘难关,迎向快乐幸福的婚姻。


  1. 不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有嘛..though tis is not really suitable to b used in frenship,but i cant think of other better words...haha..true friend is sumone who w b together v us at each life stage..even though we w not meet up so frequent after u marry, but i think it wont change our wat ayumi commented in my blog, we were closed and then apart once before,but we stil can b together again after so many nothing can change our frenship anymore!

  2. this is what i wan to say too, though we apart when i went to uni, but nan de we gather again after that. love u all for letting me to join ur gang. I appreciate every sweet time with u all. wei, i like this entry so much. vic is lucky to have u. u're a nice girl. u know me so well. I wish u 2 xinfu always de. as i awlays tell u, i'll be with u always when u need me. friends forever. This is such a wonderful bday celebration as we gathered and have so much funs. Our bond will be until forever!!!

  3. I love u I love u I love u ~~

    Wei wei, after reading your blog makes me feel like crying... It's been a long long time I never write any blogs on my own... all the life stories are actually very memorable and should be jotted down. Wei wei, don't worry, don't nervous... I understand your worries, your feelings, your everything.... Life still has to go on no matter good or bad, sweet, bitter or sour... but wen believe, wei wei is brave and strong enough to welcome your new chapter of life!! and it will definitely be a WONDERFUL one!! ^_^
    Thanks wei wei for sharing your personal blog with wen wen.... I love you....
    Wen really hope our frenship will be forever and ever.... and i have faith, no matter what, nothing will change the colors of our beautiful frenshipss!! Take care, ah wei ~~~ muacksss ~~ we are here with u, always, always.....

  4. Thnak you all of u...i am glad dat though we apart once before, but after all our heart is still together...It really touching and feel like crying when reading u guys comment...
    I also have faith with u what u all wrote - nothing can change our frenship anymore!(yan yan)
    no matter what, nothing will change the colors of our beautiful frenshipss!! (Wen)
    Our bond will be until forever!!!
    I love you all...i am ready to share and listened to u guys!
    I will love myself!