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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The flavours of secret recipe cakes is as follows:
- Cuppucino cheese
- Caramel Cheese (new)
- Rasberry yogurt cheese
- Chocolate Indulgence
- Chocolate cheese (this one i not really sure)

Ah Sar, my primary schoolmate till secondary - 老友鬼鬼
she is my best competitor during primary school but at that time we r so close. we learn from each other and progress ourselves's glad to know u, ah sar, thanks for ur care from time to time and i wish u get the first choice and be the most prettiest dentist in town!

Ah Teng - Though we r never been so close like others but we r never apart...we r always with each other in several occasions during new year, christmas, even tanglong festivals and many many bday gathering...u r always the most responsible organiser...Thank u dear!

Ah Cai, wish our dreams come true! actually at that time my mind is quite blank...
friendship forever ya! we always the best buddy to celebrate bday together!

Ah Ean, u r one of my most charming friend...our bond starts from form five and become so close since F^..u r my neighbour during lower n upper...thanks for bear with me as i always sleep at class... after u moved to bayan baru we r still very close to each gathering, beer gatahering, gamble gathering...u r always my 最佳损友。哈哈!谢谢你陪我一起成长!

this group of friends is my secondary school


  1. ah wei, u r a nice frends. proud to be one of ur close friends!! we'll be with u always though u goin to step into another stage of life =)
    the title is so cute!!!
    u where got fat ar?? like me baru call fat la...

  2. thanks for ur comment oh!hahaa..this is the theme for that gathering...u can noticed the cakes is full of fats...hehehe...thats y they named it as "sek fei lei"...
    u r not fat...just chubby a that is good to hug ler...i m like bamboo not nice to hug...

  3. I want ur figure!!!!!
    give it to me if u dunwan =p
    but yummy ler. my bday shi, i wan such cake too. each one taste 1 =p
    sure xinfu + sweet de!!!

  4. okok...noted...hehe...but at that time no surprise for u d...:)