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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Past Birthday Collections

I just found that i din keep many of my birthday present except those:

This is of course the latest one...thanks ayumi for the hello kitty hairband from nihon...kawaii...though it really need a lot of courage to put on my hair...hehehe..

Thanks my coll - ee lim for the hello kitty earrings too...she is the one who keeps assume me i am super hello kitty fans but indeed i am still conscious what i am doing...thanks ya...

During 19th bday by a friend...

During 24th bday by ean..

This is what my current bf gave me during my 20th bday. at that time we r only friend....
What is inside the box?'s a pig also...:)

During F3 or friend bought it at Megamall, Butterworth? anyone recognise it? haha

Music box - during my 22nd birthday by my lovely friends...

from my old friend - hooi shyan (also during secondary sch)

The special bag - GUESS one oh! branded! made by ean n her mum...hehe


  1. wow, i also got alot of bday present. some i keep for many years and din use lor -__-
    i got music box too. as i love music box so much!!
    nice ler the one given by ur frend: the music box

  2. wow so great u still keep it..when free share with us ur musix box collections ya...i just keep some presents only but i do keep a lot of bday cards...mayb next time will snap pics for my cards...:)

  3. i'll snap my music box pic during weekends =p
    bday card i got many lor!!

  4. u both really cherish frenships vy much huh...ah wei, i think u got vy good memory, if i look at those gifts given by frenz, i dun think i can remember the year i receive for any of the items..

  5. oh poor dear @.@ this is totally the difference between this 2 ch'ng =p
    i can remember every single memories that i share with all my friends. but of coz, some bad times also, hard for me to forget @.@
    that's y in my blog, i oli will post up all my sweet memories. so that when i'm down, i can feel better by looking at all the memories in my blog