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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bday & gathering

My first time to Koyotei with Steve, Suteng & Jason. I knew Steve & Jason since Form Six at Maths tuition. Usually we will meet during each other bday…Victor came to join us later…
This restaurant is quite special as all the waitress dress in anime uniform…so the customer patroned is usually Japanese guy…during that night 80% of customers are guys & almost japanese…
We ordered 4 steam egg (cawanmushi) as suteng said this is special as the egg they use is omega 3 egg..but pricey …RM7 per bowl…Besides, we ordered jap mixed pizza, 2 yaki udon, one salmon shashimi& sushi, gyoza & kimuchi...

The pizza is nice...but very full... just nice for 4 persons...


The yaki udon tastes good!
26/6/09 (Friday)

这晚和同事们一起去庆祝,六月生日的有五个人。总共有十五个人出席包括princess。连火龙果王子,美樱, Joyce这些稀客也来了。。
这次算是很人齐了。。。可惜老板没来。。anyway, i love all the bday gathering & food hunting during the bday's time to keep fit and will eat more mummy's healthy food...yeah yeah....
The Food:
The Starter- garden salad
Appertizer : The Scallop = Nice but expensive RM20+ (Optional )
The soup1 - mushroom sp (B+ must try)
The soup 2: Pumpkin - (highly recommended for pumpkin lover)
The main course - Burger (rating: B)
Chicken Tortilla - B+ good for sharing
I love this dishes - Spagetthi carbonara. (B+) But when my fren went the 2nd time the taste is different. bad in quality control.
Chiken chop with black pepper n mushroon sauce - average B-

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