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Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrating Xuan's improvement in her mid year exam

Recently the TV keep adverstising the new product launch by KFC - Cheesy Macoroni chicken balls. It successfully attract my little sis this 馋嘴猫。

Today after i go home she told me a good news dat she got 124 ranking in school, improved a lot compared with last year ranking i.e. abt 160.. so i decided to give her small treat for supper. Then if she can get to 3C next year I promised to buy Twilight series to her.
Good sister - hitomi

Macoroni cheese chicken balls - jom jimat package - RM5.90 come with PEPSI...

the cheese's taste is thick n creamy but the chicken ball is a bit disappointed...mayb sld put the popcorn chicken instead of the chicken balls... (rating:B-)

Another new products - cheesy baked potato..RM3.70...Xuan love the black pepper on the top of cheese and mayonese....nice! the potato is not soft enough but overall i am personally quite satisfy... B

Total bill: by using the voucher given by Joyce. Thanks thanks thanks!

yeah yeah very full tonight.... tmr need to burn more fats during the aerobic session...


  1. ah wei, u look so pretty in tis pic..casual wear oso can b so charming, really our super model!

  2. Wahhh.... wei wei really is a good sister leh ~~ I must learn more from u d.... ^_^ so xingfu to be your little sister... a simple KFC supper also can be so warm.. really great!!!

  3. wei wei, so nice the meal >.<
    congrates to ur sis lor!! jiayou la. I wan to be ur sista too =p
    treat me McD ya..hehe~~