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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special day 722

不得了,今天我的办公室的三大天后- Sexy Sebastian(蟹精),Cutie Jellies(八爪鱼精) &Foxy Mollusc(蚌精) 没来上班。由于Pink Jeolousie (凯蒂猫精)和他们不同类,只有眼红她们的份儿。
Breakfast at Campbell Street
Indian Market

Kek Lok Si
Bukit Jambul Pan Mee
Red Box
Coconut Jelly at Lorong Selamat

Little Genting
Teuk Kumbar Beach
Hao You Seafood

Luckily I still manage to join them for seafood dinner. The food is as below:
a) 炒面条 RM6

b) 炸苏东 RM6

c) 魔鬼鱼 RM20

d) 蚌精 RM6

e) 蟹精 RM26

As overall, we cant find anything extraordinary for this seafood village except the price.
I found my strengths in blogging. Very efficient, short & precise! Keep on it. How good if this skill can apply in my work! hahaha

The pink Jeolousy =P =P =P


  1. when u bcome pink jealousie? and y?
    hahaha. ur company really cute. got so many nick name!
    and the food looks so yummy! zha soh tong! i want i want!

  2. 'friends' in my company are really creative in creating those nickname... sometimes hello kitty sometimes pink jealousy...and they said their mission for 722 is eaten by hello kitty...kakaka...u can see all of their nickname is seafood and the dishes they ordered dat day is all themselves. hehehe..come to eat with me la since u are my same kind - kitty mimi~ wahaha

  3. wei wei, the roti bakar i tried b4. nice!!
    the coconut jelly too =p
    why sudd go eat haoliao de?
    haha, so many nicknames.
    the seafood dinner looks hociak than the one we had it at lye lye =p let's go 1 day :D