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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pre-celebration of Wen's birthday

Bday gal with strawberry smoothies & tiramisu...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Ah Boon, Happy Birthday to you.....

No matter the sky is blue or dark, no matter the grass is green or yellow,
No matter the sea is crystal clear or muddy, no matter the air is fresh or stink,
our friendship is always HERE and THERE~
I love you, my dear friends....
without you guys, my life will be so dull & boring, and you guys are always my stimulator or power generator...
Thanks for everything~


  1. oops, i miss this @.@
    but anyway, wish boon happy always~~ happy birthday boon! it's tomolo!!!!

  2. Thank you Wei Wei for jotting down all the sweet memories here ~~ enjoyed reading every post here... Thanks my dear sweet friends for everything!! I have the same feeling as Wei, with you gals, my life is really much much more colorful and interesting ~
    I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Muacksssss ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!