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Friday, December 23, 2011

文家宜酒 Wincarnis

Just wish to share the wine in case you never heard of this confinement medicated wine as most people thought DOME is the only choice. According to my friend who share this to me during my confinement, for those who just delivered by natural way, they can just consume this wine the next day and finish the whole bottle in 12 days to get maximum benefits of the wine.

Yesterday I helped a friend to buy this wine and found out that Hai-O got sell this as well, RM58 per bottle. You can get cheaper price as low as RM50 in Traditional Chinese Pharmacy.


文家宜是英国“赫德与毕洛”酒行公司其中一款著名保健葡萄酒,“赫德与毕洛”酒行公司创立於十六世纪,主要是出产优质的葡萄酒和烈酒类。 其优良的产品在一八叁七年获得英国皇室维多利亚女皇的赏识,委任其为皇室的主要供应商之一。...



- 帮助消化

- 全身充满活力

- 加强免疫系统

- 病後快速恢复体力

- 帮助睡眠

- 消除疲劳

- 健康脸色

After I read the description, felt like to buy one bottle to myself since always felt tiring recently...hehe..It's much tasty than Dome since is is made of grapes ~

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  1. thanks ah wei for kai siow me this. I gonna finish this soon - i guess it's tomorrow :) I dun drink wine de but i can accept this one :)