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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

美丽的一天 080809

第一部- 温馨甜蜜的人生大事

第二部- 拍照(我们的爱好之一)
有时我们的SHOW TIME! 一说到拍照,永不言累。。。哈哈。。。
这个爱好都是拜雯所赐。。Now it become our gang’s part time….promoting Penang Heritage, Restaurant & attractions…hehehe

Baba & Nyonya Mansion

29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia

If you are fans of Little Nyonya (singapore mv), please go n have a look!

My first time - Acting playing Piano...>.<

第三部- 午餐

第四部 – 晚餐
the destination: Korean Restaurant – Don Rae. I am really a joker, speak hokkien to a Korean…Cho siao! somemore is a handsome Korean… Actually this is my tactic to attract his attention…:P three of us were melted by his charming smile…
Fall in love with Korean food after trying the food here… Usually I will patron the Korean restaurant with Vic only, so we cant try much, either ordering the bimbimbap, jingseng chicken sp /kimchi sp + rice or bbq pork or chic… This time I manage to try the 炒年糕, the taste is superb.. and I love the kimchi soup here, it’s best! They also provide different kind of small dishes. It’s bottomless! They are really kind.
However, you have to be more patient communicating with those foreign workers. Their English is not that fluent…
Conclusion, definitely I will revisit here for the killing smile & yummy kimchi soup…

my honey - Venice
Sweet couple - yy n pw

My favourite - Kim CHi Soup

new dishes i tried - Thumb Up

After that, we move to Kapitan in town…. Just for chit chating & watching sp’s bro wedding mv… sp, ur photography skills need to improve! :)

Traffic Light...hehe...the guy in green dont realise that we took this pic..
It’s awesome…such a wonderful day I had…live life to fullest & play hard! Yeah!


  1. wei wei, our friendship will remain forever de though we have own family in future!! I won't forget those memories that we've shared before!!love u, wei!!

    wow, what a busy day!! sure u exhausted liao on that night!! i believed u had fun on 0808!!


  2. Wah.... Ying ying play piano ah? Don learn til hand pain oh... :p later ah seng heart pain... :p

  3. Cindy, i am not ying ying ler... who is ah seng?=P wong hei?