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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Celebration for Venice

目的地就是位于从Gertak Sanggul前往 Balik Pulau的中途必经之地- 小云顶。
1) White Tom Yam Seafood - B+ (i love its sour taste!)
2) Otak-Otak - B
3) Fried Kangkung - B- (Less belacan & 'hebi' taste)
4) Pandan Chicken - B
5) Fried Squid - B

The Birthday Gal

Group's photo

After that we went to waves Bistro for singing K & beer session.

Finally we went to Apex coffee...

Coffee is nice according to YY but the chicken cutlets was too oily...
WOnderful Night & great bday celebration for Venice! Happy Birthday in advance, 817!

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday to venice!!
    wei, nice ler the food :D so tempting!! i never been there de. wow, singk again after the dinner..hehe