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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Corporate Appreciation Dinner 060809

Initially, our plan is on 070809, one day befor uncle's harry bday (0808). However, we have changed our plan to 060809. The place is at Heaven Delights. Times Square.

The dinner was indeed the great one..cosy environment, only two tables for the night. therefore, we were like super VIP, being served immediately as and when we have request & order. Due to their efficiency, the boss (STL) felt pressure due to too much of foods in the table..we have to finish the dishes asap to clear the table for acommodate more food ..

There are over 100 choices for the buffet dinner (eat all you can). It sounds really worth but of course this is only their tactic to attract the customers... You can see most of the food are quite filling especially those sushi, handroll, rice & noodles....& the ingredients they use is just the normal one...

The spicy scallop - their trick by using the mixture of chilly & thousand island sauce to confuse us the freshness of the scallop...

They only provide two kinds of shashimi i.e. white tuna, octopus & limited smelly salmon (:P)for that night...

I love chawan mushi....

they seems like not the strong competitor of the existing monopoly player in the market i.e. Tao cuisine. As we can see whole night long only few customers.

Anyway, we do enjoy the precious time together and this is first debate btw CL & boss(TSC) for the political issue... fantastic!

This is the HIGHLIGHTS of the day...lets enjoy the HK harbour night view together...


  1. The foods look nice leh although u din giv a good comment..hahaha

  2. wei wei, food looks great!! how much ler??


  3. RM49.90+ 5% govt tax for each person. birthday gal/boy can enjoy 50% discount..more than 8 person they bday gal/boy can get free.
    The food is nice but din feel worth... as the ingredients they use such as ebiko & eel is not as good as expensive Jap fake abalone, & i can feel the shashimi is not so fresh..btw, all the cooked one like mantis prawn, chicken, & sotong taste good!