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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shopping Spree @ 829

How am I going to celebrate this National Day?
Buying clothes made in Bangkok & China? hehe..
Is this the way the Malaysian love their country?
Keep on criticize bout everything of their country, but they found the joy from there..
If you didnt make any complaint bout ur country, that means you don't love your country..
If you think Complain, critic, whining show YOU CARE!
then u 're wrong.. actually u have the choice to CHANGE it!

One morning in a boutique located in Campbell Street... Thanks yan yan for helping us to take the pics and thanks wen & kate for the fantastic demonstration!

Some people like to share their thing, their job, their salary in the blog, but definitely the things to share have to be unique and attention-grabbing!
看!她又来了!!! 是不是很恶心呢??哈哈。。。
这是我唯一的天地,要post什么就post什么. MANZAI! 自拍无罪!


  1. Yeah yeah yeah ~~ so nice!!!!
    Love you gals... enjoy shopping with you gals... ^_^
    Waiting for next round ok?? Thanks yan yan for taking down the pics and so patiently accompanying us =)

  2. Did kate buy the shirt that specially made for her? hehe..."We Love Kate" cool~
    How about wen,did she bought the dress(in the 1st pic)? I like the dress that she is ladylike!

  3. yeah yeah... Wen bought it...she is the shopaholics of the day!!! BOught 3 dresses...
    Kate didnt buy Kate's T-shirt as that one is too big for her... not her style!
    that shop is selling a lot of nice cloths and if u purchase 3 pcs above, u are entitled for wholesale price.

  4. i missed the fun @.@
    wen wear de dress so lovely! wei wei, u got buy ma??


  5. where is the shop, which part of campbell street? looks like they have lotsa nice shirt...I would like to pay them a visit!
    I'm a shopaholic too...kaka!