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Saturday, August 22, 2009

TSC's big day

This is the most powerful + influential person in North Area Regional Credit department - Mr Tay's birthday.

His favourite Cheese cake & snacks...

After the celebrations, he sented us the email by expressing his gratefulness to everyone...
Dear all,

This is my heartfelt appreciation for the extra miles that you take to celebrate my birthday. I appreciate your cards (& the remarks), cakes, decorations, balloons, lunch, dinner, midnight affairs and wishes poured to me arranged to celebrate birthday yesterday. I am lost of words to express, and my wishes is that you shall be doubly blessed and be successful in your career, and having wealth & health to enjoy your live. You are wonderful and “fun”tastic people to be around with.
Regads, TSC
The dragon fruits, sponsored by Prince of Dragon Fruit during the harvest season of dragon fruit. Due to his kind sponsor, we decided to call him the KING of dragon fruit in future...>.<

Taiwan Souvenirs - From Joan

The two dolls on the left was given by Candice during her Vietnam Trip. The rest are Taiwan souvenirs from Joan... mine one is on the second right... The rest is for display only...hehe
Yeah yeah everyone know that i am hello kitty fans and i got this, the special gift from Joan!

The sweet is reallt nice, sweet and sour!


  1. I like the cartoon magnet, vy cute!^-^

  2. yaya...this is the one i asked u to buy, it has magnet also besides keychain...=)

  3. the magnet is so cute!! is it the one selling in RM5 each?
    lovely and special!
    ur hello kitty box so cute neh.
    ayumi sure will siao of it when see it :p


  4. yaya...this is the one i mentioned to u guys...cute & nice!