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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 10th Months old

Entering 10th mths, his hair getting longer, hence he looks more mature and "hansamu"..hahaha...

The progress for this stage is he knows how to stand up himself by putting his hand on wall or table, clap hand, says 'ah','eh','duck', 'star','kak', 'kap','papa' & 'popo' , sing 'ah ah ah ah' when we sing "i love you.........."

Thanks my mum-in-law to buy him a smart shirt~

The 3 pcs formal costumes was bought from SUNRISE FASHION few months ago. Anyway, he is not in the mood to take pic at that moments and the cloth just looks too loose for him now. Maybe I should put on the cloth for him later, still not the timing yet...

He can possess various kinds of expression now. These are the few expression i found attracting the girls the most..(=.=)


  1. time flies...he is 10-month 'young' d!!! Such a cute boy! Well, i think he can speak more than my cacing..haha

  2. haha..unbelieavable fast! he only can speak depends on the mood, and until didnt hear 'ma' sound yet...wait till my neck also long d!

  3. u both de boys grow so fast de. mine also beh pai d, entering 3 months soon :p i find it fast though~~
    both gj and herng are smart bb =) haha, train her bah, call u ma ma..ppl said bb usually start with m word coz of the word mumm mumm (makan)