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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cari makan at Northern Beach Cafe

This time I didn’t order WunderBar German Sausages, and I chose this.

Fried Jawa mee - RM5

As usual, our regular orders i.e. cheese bake spaghetti + soup + dessert. Heard from the little boss that their Italian stall is famous for its Chicken pot pie, hope I will have the chance to try it next time. Wondering will it be better than the one at Ecco café? Ohya, talking about the little boss, he is also ones of the specialty in this café, u know why? You will be amazed when talking to him as the way he talks is just like adult and BOSS but he is indeed just a little kid. I guess he is only 10-12 yrs old. =)

Mushroom Carrot Soup

~My favourite~ Durian Mille Crepe

The set - RM18.80 (Still remember the price I patroned for the first time was RM15.80 for about 5-6 yrs back)

This is my ‘N’ visits to this cafe but for him, this is something very new and fresh. For safety purpose, we chose the covered area instead of the open air area which has added appeal of the sea view. Anyway, Herng seems very happy and excited towards the lights decoration here. From his 9th months onwards, I let him expose to more variety of food. After few times training by feeding him croissant & sandwiches in Winter warmers, this time he can settle down with breadstick and ‘apong’ and we are able to finish the food together without taking turn to carry him around. Yeah!

Where is my MILK & porridge???

Northern Beach Cafe (诺登美食坊)

58 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah 10050 Penang

Closed on Tuesday


  1. yippie, he's ur lamp post too. ah wei, I like this stall and I'm like you, always want to go. hey hey, stop sia me. later I'll go again pulak after reading ur entry :p nice lor, u can persuade vic to bring herng join u both for dinner often d since he's big boy d :D

  2. hahaha..herng herng is the star in each of ur article now·

  3. yeah he's ah wei's precious ma and model!!!

  4. hehe..thanks elaine and yan yan, herng is the main attraction of my blog le...
    fen, waiting u to share on this place soon..hehe~