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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bb Shermaine & Secret Recipe...

Who is the cute gal at the left? She is Herng's potential future gf..kakaka...just she is the first baby of my good fren , Fen Fen. I bought the rabbit hat for her through online( and i left it at my house. My little sis thought i bought it to bb herng and let him wear when I am not around. Hence, he and Bb Shermaine are wearing the couple's hat in the pic above. hehe...

Thanks Shermaine's parent for giving me the Secret Recipe's cash voucher as full moon gift instead of just KFC/pizza hut voucher. It's been long time i didn't post for my food hunt. Anyway, not much description and the pictures speak itselves..

The topic of the night...

Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Thai Style fried spagetthi

1 comment:

  1. thanks ah wei for the post :D
    they both look alike neh!!!!!!!!!
    ah wei, i'm happy to be ur friend and wish herng n shermaine can be good friend too :D ur hat makes shermaine turns out to be girlish =p haha, I feel secret recipe is good coz you guys can enjoy cake or some other food. u sia me tonight wan to go s.recipe neh :p miss sushi king..feel to go for it!!!!