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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sausage Garlic Bread

I love garlic bread all the times. Last Monday, I bought the French loaf from Jusco QB as requested by my sis. Last time I bought the fench loaf from Giant and Gama before, but found the Jusco one the best! All of us are craving for these for long time...

This time I applied the ready garlic butter, bought by my cousin from Cinnamon bakery cafe located at Church Strret~

The garlic taste is not strong enough so I added in the chopped garlic myself...hmm...satisfied!

Herng: I want to eat also~
Me: No way! It's too heaty for you!
Herng: Bad mummy, enjoy urself without sharing with me! Next time I also don't want to share with u~
Me: Okay la, let u taste a bit...surrender (=.=)


  1. ah wei, i pun mao. i want to make u surrender too :p ur prince pandai ler..know u soft hearted de. eat a bit should be fine~~
    yummy ler!!!
    i want too!!!


  2. easily surrender for u nia, no challenge la..

  3. hahaha..herng herng, tickle ur mummy then grab d whole garlic bread from her..kakakaka

  4. haha, yan so liao jie ah wei. ah wei scare kuci 1 :p me too :p