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Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcard from Indonesia

I couldn't remember is this the first postcard I received this year? hehe...It should be~ Thanks my beloved Cutie! My little sis was asking me why the sender wrote the legend of the "prambanan temple" instead of personal feeling towards her journey? haha...I also don't know, probably this is because she has more time to discover the stories & history behind the place this time. Right?

Borobudur in Central Java, near Yogyakarta, the world's largest Buddhist monument...


  1. Just because m too tired & my brain was totally blank to figure on what to write, yet still insist to post the card from prambanan.

  2. Ps: 2 more to be received

  3. Haha...I can understand ur feeling..not easy to find post office touch dat u made it!