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Thursday, May 24, 2012

JJ Swiss Roll - my recent Favourite~

Thanks to my colleague who initiate the group purchase of JJ swill roll, I have the chance to taste it finally. This famous swiss roll is originated from Ipoh, hence we will only get the free delivery if there is at least 100 orders. Otherwise you can only get it when u visit Ipoh.

I have tasted several flavours before, i.e. Strawberry, Greentea cheese, Chololate mint, banana, carrot, chesnut, Durian, Cempedak & etc. Among the various flavour avaliable, greentea cheese is my top pick, strawberry is the second one, cempedak & durian are also recommended =)

Just have a try if you are dessert lover~ They are well known for no preservatives added and low sugar contents. Homemade is also the key to their specialty.

I always think that food is the best common thing to connect or link the people together despite everyone has their own preferences and circle of social. Like this time, the group purchase has successfully enhanced the teamwork and collaboration among the colleagues throughout the discussion on which flavour to purchase, how to make the deal better by dividing the costs, collecting the money and on the collection day, about ten of us including the manager also went down to carry the swiss roll and after that some of the helpful colleagues put down their work in hand for a while and disseminated the swiss roll to other department and people within the department. We are not earning single cent of money from the group purchase but we do enjoy the little effort that bring each one closer while enjoying sharing the different taste of delicious swiss roll.  

Click here for more info about JJ Swiss Roll...

1 comment:

  1. I get to try it becoz of u ah wei!!!
    I love durian 1~~
    the texture is so soft~~