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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My 3rd visit to Ecco Cafe

Finally, joined cutie to this restaurant, when come to this occasion, i.e. MY's farewell...

Yeah the soup of the day is my favorite -- Minestrone soup. Well, I won't simply order this soup in other restaurants except here as usually mushroom soup will be safer or more conservative choice.

I had only tried their homemade spaghettis and soup on my last two visits. For this time, I managed to try the homemade pizza as well. It's pretty crunchy and the various spices & herbs are just right there to stimulate & please my taste bud... Thumbs up!

Oh, shouldn't keep talking bout food.

Dear my friends cum ex-colleagues, I start to miss you guys so much! How wish i could have you guys with me in my entire life...Anyway, everyone of us have our own path & own decision, just hope that we will catch up sometimes & keep in touch always...


  1. so long din go d lor..nvm la, u r still in pg, can meet up when miss ur colleagues lor.
    miss u too, wei!!


  2. Oh I really feel so hungry after seeing all the nice Italian food!! yummy!!! ^_^ I must pay a visit there one day... I love Italian food very much!! spaghetti, pizzasss, creamy soup..... yumm yumm yummmmmmm slurppppppp ~~~~